All models appearing on this site are 18 years of age or older and are intended to be portrayed as such.

What is a Zombie Doll?

A Zombie Doll is a real alternative model who doesn’t just call her self “Alternative” for the fact she has a naval ring and a hip tattoo. To be a Zombie Doll means to be creative, have personality, spunk and that girl next door look with a love for modeling and everything that is involved with the industry. Anyone can look amazing after hours of airbrushed and photo editing, us dolls are real we embrace our scars, flaws, and imperfections. We aren’t afraid to show the naughty girl hidden behind our every day life’s with class! Our main goal is to promote womanhood in a positive classy way, we create art not smut.

Whats makes our models different?

Our models scrape their knees, raise families and break necks with their looks. We aren’t airbrushed fakes; we’re strong, beautiful, real alternative women. We represent womanhood, motherhood and the smokey bad girl inside. From our outdoor,  promotional or boudoir shoots we always represent who The Zombie Dolls™ are inside and out. As the reincarnation of the alternative model we strive to bring our fans the uniqueness of each one of us, we are funky, classy and delicious. No matter the shoot our models will leave you wanting for more. So stay tuned to see what we bring next to the table.

Nude Photography?

The Zombie Dolls™ does not produce pornography, images depicting mutilation or victimization , nor do we promote such things in our professional or personal lives. The Zombie Dolls™ will produce intimate images that involve nudity at client’s request, provided such nudity is artful, respectful and tasteful. In the rare event we should desire to make public any image of you we will first and always discuss such use with you and The Zombie Dolls™ will ask you for signed permission for each instance, specifying terms and duration of use. We assert copyright of our works. This helps assure your privacy as well as ours. Until an agreement has been documented between The Zombie Dolls™, photographer and our client which will release copyright interest to said client, all copyrights are retained by The Zombie Dolls™. We have standard contracts covering modeling releases, print and limited copyright transfers, as well as custom contracts that can be altered to fit any client’s needs.

Can I model for multiple sites?

Yes, you may model for as many companies as you like we are here to promote you and wish the same in return. In the case you are modeling with multiple sites, companies, groups, etc we will maintain rights to all images we produce for you and all images submitted to our website/company. We ask our models to not associate with competing companies, but hold no grudges.

 Do we use other photographers other than our own?

Yes, we do use other photographers images as long as they have given us permission to post, watermark and use on all and any promotional material. At times we might even ask your photographer of choice to do a particular shoot for us.

 Do we Purchase or Pay for images?

Yes, Depending on the situation we do pay for full sets that are submitted for exclusive use by The Zombie Dolls.




Vintage Vanna Doll
Location: East Coast


Jonatan Zendejas
Location: Colorado, United States